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Announcement Welcome to our website!


Community Management
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Greetings BiteForce Community!
Welcome to the official website of BiteForceMC! We are so happy to have a website to communicate with the community on a much larger scale. This website opens up tons of opportunities for us to work with the community. We highly recommend creating an account to have the ability to comment on posts and interact with our staff team! We will also be doing some Forums exclusive giveaways that require you to have a forums account.

What we have to offer!
The Management Team here at BiteForce, have been working hard to setup the website and get it ready for you all. Our website is going to be the hub to our network linking the in-game aspect and the discord together. On our website you are going to find the official places for:

  • Server-wide Announcements
  • Changelog
  • Rules and Information
  • Events
  • Community Polls
  • In-game Recruitment
  • Introductions
  • Suggestions
  • Bug Reports
  • Staff Applications
  • YouTube Applications
  • Ban Appeals
  • And much more!

With the addition of our website we plan to keep growing the network one step at a time! This addition is just one step but a major one to growing into the network we want to be! Be on the lookout for future Announcements + Giveaways! We thank everyone who has supported up until this point and we are looking forward to our future together.