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Announcement Server Wide Updates


Staff member
Greetings Hunters!
I've got some important updates to announce that are going on/have happened network-wide. These changes will be affecting the entire server and many are at the request of the community.

Staff Changes:
Levens has stepped down from the position of factions management. Surplexed has in turn been promoted and now has taken over the position. Surplexed will be implementing events and updates on the factions server to make for a better experience for all of the players. With that, we have also decided that we have the room and need to expand our upper staff team. BiteForce will be looking for both administration and devs to join the team to help push out updates faster and host events more often, as the current workload is overwhelming the small squad we currently have. If you are interested in applying for an administrative role within the team, make a formal staff application answering the questions to the best of your ability and linking your credentials/resume as well. The better the application, the more likely you are to be considered for these roles. The development positions are paid.

Raiding Changes & Updates:
The start of raiding kicked off with a bang with 2 ftop factions getting split and 1 ftop faction being run off the server. It was quite exciting indeed and I got to watch many of the raids firsthand. I'm proud to say, cannoning and biteforce go together hand in hand. The server handled it fine. However, we did notice some problems and loopholes with the actual raiding rules, so we've decided to make them clear and make new updates preventing abuse of the server's current system.
Spawners now cost money to mine (Their initial purchase value).
Ally raiding is banned.
All Value must be placed in the main base
All Value must be down 24 hours before the FTOP is paid out and must stay down until FTOP payout.

You may not use alt factions to claim other FTOP positions. Only one payout per faction family.

Season Information:
After the faction leader meeting and community poll, it was concluded that we should officially shorten the season to 1 week of raiding, meaning that the final payout will be the 30th of November, at 5pm EST. EOTW will begin then and we will party! The final payout will be $280 PayPal & $1,000 Buycraft. Broken down as follows:
-1st: $150 Paypal + $500 Buycraft
-2nd: $80 Paypal + $300 Buycraft
-3rd: $50 Paypal + $200 Buycraft
The second map will begin December 7th, @ 3pm EST as currently planned.

New Partner Program:
If you haven't heard yet, We will be doing 3 things on BiteForce to stand out as a server and community and treat our content creators well, of all sizes.
1): The New Partner Chat. All partners will be added to a separate partner discord, where they will be able to discuss their ideas/get items in-game/plan & receive help directly from the BiteForce Staff, instantly.
2): New Partner Qualifications & YouTube Rank: Partners are people who I personally feel like represent the server in a positive light. They stand with and for biteforce. Some of which are paid to do so and brought here, but others started here and deserve that same respect. Now, you can apply to be a partner. The requirements are simple: Must have Uploaded at least 2 Vids/Streams on the server with BiteForceMC in the title, Must be over 750+ Subs and average 20% subs to views, Must follow our partner guidelines on behavior and respectful activity. Must be over 16 years of age. YouTube rank now only requires you reach 1k subs and 100 views. No added requirements.
3): Partner Help w/Growth: Partners will receive direct aid from the server to grow. We'll help you guys come up with video ideas, connect you to editors, and other resources you need in order to properly grow. All as a thank you for uploading on biteforce.

That's all folks. Thanks for reading, and good luck leading to the end of the season.