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Factions Season 2 Information & End of Map 1 Procedure


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Greetings Hunters!
The end of map 1 approaches! Saturday, the 30th, will officially be the last day of the map and final payout for this first map. We'd personally like to thank all the factions that played both formally and informally with a payout. Once the map ends, we plan to have a beta soon after (open and public) for map 2 showing off our new features. Map 2 will officially launch December 21st at 3pm EST. Below is an explanation of what we've officially changed for map 2 and the new season.

Season 2 - New Features, Balancing Changes, & Removals.
So let's get right into it then. Firstly, we've removed Potion Enchants in favor of swapping to Custom Enchants. Now, we have an enchanter and blacksmith system. The enchanter will allow you to purchase enchants using experience from three separate tiers, Common, Uncommon, and Legendary. Common enchants cost 15 levels, uncommon 30, and legendary 45 levels. Don't worry, we've kept enchants simple. So simple in fact, there are less than 15 enchants. 2-3 for every piece of armor/tool/weapon, and 5 for the chest-plate. Enchants mostly revolve around inflicting potion effects and removing them. There are no cosmic style enchants like Overload or Soul Collection. Blessed however, is present. An official enchant list can be found below:

Common 15 Levels
Venom - Bow enchant. Applies poison.
Blacksmith - Pick enchant. Auto smelts ores.
Swift - Boots enchant. Gives varying levels of speed.
Hunter - Helmet enchant. Grants night vision.
Fortify - Chest-piece enchant. Reduces incoming damage.

Uncommon 30 Levels
Baker - Helmet enchant. Feeds you as you run.
Glacial - Armor enchant. Inflicts slowness on people who hit you.
Blizzard - Bow enchant. Applies slowness.
Rage - Sword enchant. Made to quick-drop. The more you hit someone without them hitting you, the more damage you do per hit.
Experience - Pickaxe enchant. Gain exp much faster mining.
Scales - Armor enchant. Gives permanent fire resistance.
Molten - Armor enchant. Sets enemies ablaze when they hit you.

Legendary 45 Levels
Inquisitive - Sword enchant. Killing mobs grants more exp.
Blessed - Axe enchant. Has a chance to remove all of your debuffs.
Blinding - Sword Enchant. Small chance to blind your enemy.
Piercing - Bow enchant. Has a chance to deal double damage.
Delieverance - Armor Enchant. Chance to inflict weakness on an attacker.

For the new season, we have also chosen to remove custom skills and get rid of Axes, Swords, Unarmed, and Taming from McMMO. This should help simplify pvp and make the season much more competitive. There are no longer any ways to receive bonus hearts except through our HCF class system, granting a maximum of 2. More additions: We also added a mob-coins system to the server to allow you to grind and purchase items in game, like temporary gkitz and money. This should encourage grinding and activity. We're also adding 5 Total Worlds, meaning 20 total corners for map 2. A mars themed world, an Ice world, an end and nether world, and an over-world with an HCF map setup to keep the land low, flat, and ocean free. GKits have also been revamped entirely. We have added custom enchants to the gkits, improving their value while keeping them at the same price. The gkitz will give you the enchants at a random level, for example, the Grizzly gkit has a chance to give you max level bless, or simply bless 2, and randomizes all the enchants entirely. All enchants have a 100% success rate. There are no dusts, blackscrolls, whitescrolls, transmogs, etc.

Other Enhancements
We have also made other minor changes to the map in order to improve the quality of the server as a whole. These changes include: The fixing of featherboard, redoing command messages to match our color scheme, adding F Shield (6 hours), adding Faction tags and ranks to both tab and above player names, buffing all of the ranks and crates to properly fit the economy, while also reducing their prices substantially, added vote parties (every 50 votes, Uncommon Key rewards), removed silverfish from the map, buffed voting rewards to include lives, reduced starting lives to 0, added fixhand to donor ranks (for 10k), reduced epearl cooldown to 15 seconds, changed koth rewards to a Koth key with buffed rewards (insanely op), made koths every 2 hours, disabled natural mob spawning, added spawner costs, added custom fishing rewards, made outposts credit 20k to balance every 5 minutes, and made major lag reductions.

The new season is going to be incredible. We will begin advertising for season 2 immediately after the closure of map 1. We will be treating faction leaders differently from now on however to compensate for the major blowout that was last season. Number 1): One fac leader role per faction, maximum. 2): In order to receive your buycraft, your faction must show up upon release. We will not give coupon codes until 24 hours after the initial release. 3): Coupon codes have been restricted to Ranks, Trench Picks, Tray Picks, Harvesters, and Lives. You may no longer use buycraft on Keys, bundles, or other purchases for the new maps. 4): Weekly/regular faction leader meetings to discuss the ongoing season and hear complaints or suggestions.

Map 1 will end with an EOTW celebration, event, and party. Be there on Saturday at 5pm EST! ALL SPAWNERS MUST BE DOWN ON FRIDAY, 5PM EST. YOUR VALUE MAY NOT INCREASE, SO RAID FACS TO TAKE DOWN THEIR SPAWNERS.

Thank you guys for the love and support. Remember to come out on the 21st, and to start registering to be a fac to play early. The FTOP will be posted publicly, as well as the new cannon rules soon (we have allowed a LOT more cannons for map 2, and improved chunk limit to 25 buffer per base).



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I don't agree with the 1 faction leader per faction as if you are holding a faction leader meeting and they can't get on then doesn't that mean that the faction can't join the meeting?

I do still think there is no problem having more than 1 faction leader in discord, it shouldn't make that much of a difference to you, but it would be hard for the factions that have the ownership split and timezones issuses.


+1 what Jewd said, I would rather have a NA leader join the meeting so I can sleep...