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Factions Mid Season Updates


Staff member
Greetings Hunters!
Welcome to the mid season! We're about halfway through with the grace period for our first ever map of factions. We've been hard at work fixing bugs, making balancing changes, and working on new additions for the server for you all to enjoy. Last night, we held our first ever faction leader meeting and discussed some key talking points like potentially shortening the map, what new features we should have, how soon should map 2 be after map 1, and what new partners to bring on to promote. If you've missed any of these updates or discussions, be sure to be in our discord, which you can join on the sidebar of this website. We post a regular change-log in there of our plugins.

1v1 Tournament & Clips of the Week
Our factions manager, @LevensLes will be hosting a 1v1 tournament this Saturday at 4pm EST. If you're interested in participating, dm @LevensLes on Discord and say: "I'm coming!" Make sure to record your clips for this event and on the server in general. The winner of the tournament will receive $50 Buycraft. For our clips of the week, all participants will have their channels linked and be entered into a giveaway to win the Top Rank on their world each week. The top 5 clips will be uploaded to the channel each week.

Feature Recode & Map 1 Length
Bare with us this week as we recode many of our publicly available features, like Shockwave pickaxes and FTOP. Our goal is to improve the quality of life on the server and add in everyone's approved ideas to the existing plugins, like making it so Shockwaves break border blocks and HarvesterHoes depositing into McMMO skills. Our devs are hard at work! This saturday an official announcement will be posted regarding the length of map 1 and the decision on whether or not we will shorten it down by 1 week. Thank you guys for playing and good luck! Remember, raiding is enabled this Saturday, at 3pm EST - 1 Hour before the tourney.

Good luck and happy hunting. Remember, only one server has had a successful first map the last few months, and their name rhymes with BiteForceMC ;)