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Factions Thread Request


New member

After attempting to make several forums posts, I was questioned about the placement of my posts. I am here to inform you about this server and I will attempt to do so as fast as I can and with as much accuracy as a normal player can have about the "behind the scenes" things that will occur. That being said I feel as if my posts, that currently reside in the General thread, should be move into another more suitable position.

I am proposing the implementation of a new thread called Factions. This thread will be for the sole purpose of informing and creating guides for players.
I hoping that if this thread will be created then more ppl will be willing to help inform players on the current state of the server, its ins, and outs of which I am not yet qualified to comment on those of which I request help from a more qualified individual.

Thank you, for taking the short amount of time to read this I hope you accept it as I am currently working on big things that I hope to upload in the future.


New member
+1, Excellent idea coming from Jewd, things should be separated so that every staff application and/or suggestion related to UHCF should be found/created in a thread that explicitly represents UHCF.


Staff member
A brilliant suggestion will definitely consider adding it as we are having a very in-depth in-game /help menu to go with it