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Current Biteforce Staff Team


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Last night at 4 am I was informed rather abruptly that there were several new staff that have joined the Biteforce staff team these include:

SrMod Apportioned, SrMod Lowryo And CANN0NER as M0D

Congratulations on your well-deserved positions we, as a player base, do sincerely hope that you are able to help Biteforce as a network and look forward to your new idea and additions to the staff team.

This brings the whole staff team up to 14 members

These include:

Mistazel - Owner
Arus - Owner
Surplexed - Manager
Strqfe_ - Manager
Longeh - Admin
Solistica - Admin
Scorchy - Admin
Apportioned - SrMod
BennyG - SrMod
Lowryo - SrMod
CANN0NER - Mod or Helper (I was told both?)
Fractilla - Mod
aPanda0 - Helper
SDogAlex - Helper
CallMeMarcus - Helper

Hope this helped you!
If anything has been missed please feel free to comment on it and I will update this post.

-Please note this is was I was told that the staff team is if you are not or know someone who is not on this list,
leave a comment or contact me on discord StarOnArmy#0372-
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No Problem, I have already seen you are taking to the community and the forums very well. I really appreciate what you have done already, I look forward to what you will do in the future, I cant wait to see you on the server.

"The reason I've made this decision is due to the lack of detail in really key areas, on biteforce, we need dedicated staff that we can ensure want to be apart of the team, now I'm not saying that you aren't dedicated, but to prove to the staff manager you are 100% committed and he feels confident in recruiting you I would add more detail. "

I Might need to start properly replying to staff applications again. I now have competition. :)