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Apportioned's Introduction


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Sr. Moderator
Hello Everyone!
Hello, my name is Nick, I'm currently a senior moderator on BiteForce, I've taken this forum post today to explain my responsibilities as a senior moderator and the differences me and my fellow staff members will attempt to make, let me start of why I decided to move to BiteForce.

I decided to come to biteforce for many reasons, one being that I wanted to expand my helping services to different gamemodes apart from HCF as for the past 3 years I've just worked on HCF, for the majority of 2 years I've mainly staffed to help the community and learn skills to communicate in real life and to learn other skills like maturity, but recently, I've lost interest in staffing because I almost feel I was forced to do it, so therefore I expanded my services into factions and this is where I ended up, I really want to experience new gamemodes and gain more knowledge and skills.

Secondly, I want to talk about what my responsibility is as a senior-mod on the server.

My responsibility on the server currently is to help out with events, ban appeals and a few other things which I don't feel is really necessary to inform. Despite me having those responsibilities, I'll always be open to questions or concerns regarding the server in which I'd be happy to help!

I hope my little summary of my job and why I came here helped you to know a bit about me! Make sure you guys introduce yourselves as well, we're all equal and no one will judge you for who you are!

Have a good day everyone!


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Should have posted this here oops

I have already seen you are taking to the community and the forums very well. I really appreciate what you have done already, I look forward to what you will do in the future, I cant wait to see you on the server.

"The reason I've made this decision is due to the lack of detail in really key areas, on biteforce, we need dedicated staff that we can ensure want to be apart of the team, now I'm not saying that you aren't dedicated, but to prove to the staff manager you are 100% committed and he feels confident in recruiting you I would add more detail. "

I Might need to start properly replying to staff applications again. I now have competition. :)