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Announcement Announcement | 1.7 The Natty Update + Much More


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Greetings BiteForceMC community!
This is the first of many announcements to come. We hope your ready for The Natty Update! In this update we have added a lot more to the game to make it more enjoyable for you.

The Natty Update
Our Natty Update is just one step closer to creating an awesome place for the players to hangout and make the gameplay more enjoyable. Here are some of the things we have added:

Player Vaults

In-Game Ranks
  • 1 Row of pv to the Surveyor
  • 2 Rows of pvs to Pathfinder
  • 3 Rows of pvs to the Ranger
  • 4 Rows of pvs to Pioneer

Buycraft Ranks

  • 2 Rows of pvs to Gatherer
  • 4 Rows of pvs to Camper
  • 6 Rows of pvs to Scavenger
  • 4 Rows and 2 pvs to Hunter
  • 5 Rows and 2 pvs to Alpha

Gkits added to the shop

  • Grinder kit - $15
  • Hulk GKIT - $10
  • Relic GKIT - $8

Money Pouches
We have added money pouches to our buycraft!
  • Tier I - 10k - 50k () $1.50
  • Tier II - 50k - 100k () $3
  • Tier III - 100k - 300k () $4.50
  • Tier IV - 300k - 800k () $6.50
  • Tier V - 800k - 2.5M () $8.50

XP Bottles & Bank Notes
We have added XP Bottles so you can hideaway all your XP before going out into combat! We also have brought Bank notes as well! Make sure you know these commands:

./withdraw for cash
./xpbottle for xp

Toggleable Scoreboard
We have added the ability for you to Toggle on and off the scoreboard at your convenience. There isn’t much more to this than knowing the two commands listed down below:

  • /fb on & /fb off

Old crate now 500 in relic merchant
Pioneer can do /pets now

Hub Cosmetics
Want to show off your awesome pets to your friends? Want to look cool for your videos with a polar bear following you around? We’ve added Hub Cosmetics to our server just for a little bit of fun for the community. Along with pets there are: Gadgets, Mounts, Morphs, Emotes, Hates, Particle Effects, and Suits! Over 150+ options for you!

Flash Sales & Bundles
Be on the lookout for the next week we will be having flash sales at random times! Some may last for 30 minutes and some may go on for 4 HOURS! We will be introducing some bundles towards the end of the weekend that will consist of: Rank + Key + Perks to make an awesome deal!

Our Staff Manager has been working very hard on making sure the server is well staffed and ensuring we have staff on all the time. Please welcome:

  • SkySlug recruited to Helper
  • TheMCProof recruited to Helper

We have been working hard as a team to continuously release updates for the network. We’d appreciate any feedback you can give us as it gives us more motivation to see we have support from the community. If you notice any bugs be sure to report it in the bug report sections on the forums!