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Factions Mystic Map 3 - Release Info

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Greetings Hunters!
Mages of the realm gather in the Mystic Everglades forest after their epic battles with the Invoker of the realm. The Archmages gather for peace and set forth a new era: Mystic's Third Journey. This map features an Entirely Recoded Server. Everything. As well as Warzone based deathbans, newly improved HCF classes, The map is 3 weeks long, 2 payouts, 7 day grace period.

Factions Release Info:
The factions release is scheduled for Saturday, January 11th, 3pm EST
In order to join, you must queue for the release. The queue will be open all day on the day of the release. Donors gain priority first based on rank. One player is allowed to join per second. The FTOP total will be $1900 in Base Prizes. Each faction will be required to set a PayPal using /f setpaypal <email>. This is used to automatically pay out the top factions each week. The map will last 3 weeks including a 1...

Factions The Impending Map 3 - The Start of Season 2 of BiteForce.

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It's been a long-time dream of mine to own a successful server. I started off in around 2016 in an economics class learning about how to run a business. At the time, I was in high school and by far the biggest nerd I knew. I'd spend the 4th period every day sleeping, 5th period writing up builds for Dota 2, and the end of the day/bus ride home talking to my faction on whatever server we were playing on, (TMFactions I believe). It was around that time I gathered together with a couple of faction members after being disbanded on VexMC and we all said, "Fuck it. Let's make our own server." That was when the dream came alive.

It's 2020 now and I'm an owner. I've had 2 rocky seasons. It's the closest I've ever been to actually make my dream a reality and it's so easy to lose it now. This third map decides it all. Does BiteForce break into the community and show the players what it's capable of, or does it "Flop." I've got eyes on me and ears. So many people who don't know me and want...

Factions Factions Mystic Map 2 - Release Information

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Greetings Hunters!
Mages of the realm gather in the Mystic Everglades forest, fighting off a great evil: Invoker - The grand magus of all Arch Mages. You have been tasked to join the fight, fending off against the clans uniting under his banner, hell bent on domination of the realm. Mystic realm comes back for map 2 better than ever with a Higher FTOP, Higher Fac size, No roster limits/force invites, larger buffers and quicker cannons, HCF Bards, Automated Events, Custom Enchants, and a new Printer Mode system! The Mystic Realm opens up on December 21st, 3pm EST - The map is 3 weeks long, 2 payouts, 6 day grace period. The Open Beta begins December 14th, 3pm EST and ends December 17th, 3pm EST.

Factions Release Info:
The factions release is scheduled for Saturday,December 21st, 3pm EST
In order to join, you must queue for the...


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Hey everyone,

Happy December! I hope everyone had a very enjoyable last month. The year has flown by, and now we're already approaching the end of the year!

What's Our Plan? As you all know we're having a #polls regarding a second world/gamemode to be added to BiteForce. Part of why we want this is to expand the overall player count of the server and stop some of the dropoff we have between seasons (going from 60+ on to 0 between maps). I want to lay out the BiteForce road map to everyone so they know what direction the server is headed in. In regards to the next world opening, Factions seems to be winning by an overwhelming majority. The poll will remain open however until one option receives 70 votes, or until we close the poll on the 8th. In order to properly manage 2 worlds on BiteForce however, we yet again, will need to recruit more staff. We'd be looking to increase the size of our lower staff team by 50%, so if you voted for a second world you may want to apply...

Factions Season 2 Information & End of Map 1 Procedure

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Greetings Hunters!
The end of map 1 approaches! Saturday, the 30th, will officially be the last day of the map and final payout for this first map. We'd personally like to thank all the factions that played both formally and informally with a payout. Once the map ends, we plan to have a beta soon after (open and public) for map 2 showing off our new features. Map 2 will officially launch December 21st at 3pm EST. Below is an explanation of what we've officially changed for map 2 and the new season.

Season 2 - New Features, Balancing Changes, & Removals.
So let's get right into it then. Firstly, we've removed Potion Enchants in favor of swapping to Custom Enchants. Now, we have an enchanter and blacksmith system. The enchanter will allow you to purchase enchants using experience from three separate tiers, Common, Uncommon, and Legendary. Common enchants cost 15 levels, uncommon 30, and legendary 45 levels...

Announcement Server Wide Updates

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Greetings Hunters!
I've got some important updates to announce that are going on/have happened network-wide. These changes will be affecting the entire server and many are at the request of the community.

Staff Changes:
Levens has stepped down from the position of factions management. Surplexed has in turn been promoted and now has taken over the position. Surplexed will be implementing events and updates on the factions server to make for a better experience for all of the players. With that, we have also decided that we have the room and need to expand our upper staff team. BiteForce will be looking for both administration and devs to join the team to help push out updates faster and host events more often, as the current workload is overwhelming the small squad we currently have. If you are interested in applying for an administrative role within the team, make a formal staff application answering the questions to the best of...

Factions Mid Season Updates

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Greetings Hunters!
Welcome to the mid season! We're about halfway through with the grace period for our first ever map of factions. We've been hard at work fixing bugs, making balancing changes, and working on new additions for the server for you all to enjoy. Last night, we held our first ever faction leader meeting and discussed some key talking points like potentially shortening the map, what new features we should have, how soon should map 2 be after map 1, and what new partners to bring on to promote. If you've missed any of these updates or discussions, be sure to be in our discord, which you can join on the sidebar of this website. We post a regular change-log in there of our plugins.

1v1 Tournament & Clips of the Week
Our factions manager, @LevensLes will be hosting a 1v1 tournament this Saturday at 4pm EST. If you're interested in participating, dm @LevensLes on Discord and say: "I'm coming!"...

Announcement Factions Season 1 Information "UHCF - Everglades"

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Greetings Hunters!
Deep within the forest of the Everglades was a field. On that field, a historic battle was fought. The mighty warriors, M0dest, P0wer0wner, Br0, and CameronAOB faced off with their respective factions. The fight was bloody and left both sides maimed with none to call themselves the victor. This battle spilled over into the public eye, and the people began to choose sides. Every faction leader had a choice: Ally Cameron & Br0 and risk the cannoning power of M0dest & P0wer, or Ally M0dest and P0wer and risk the edge of the sword from Br0 and Cameron. Now, it is time for you to join in and make that choice too!

Factions Release Info:
The factions release is scheduled for Saturday, November 16th - 3 pm EST.
In order to join, you must queue for the release. The queue will be open all day on the day of the release. Donors gain priority first based on rank. One player is allowed to join per second.
The FTOP...

Announcement Announcement | 1.7 The Natty Update + Much More

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Greetings BiteForceMC community!
This is the first of many announcements to come. We hope your ready for The Natty Update! In this update we have added a lot more to the game to make it more enjoyable for you.

The Natty Update
Our Natty Update is just one step closer to creating an awesome place for the players to hangout and make the gameplay more enjoyable. Here are some of the things we have added:

Player Vaults

In-Game Ranks
  • 1 Row of pv to the Surveyor
  • 2 Rows of pvs to Pathfinder
  • 3 Rows of pvs to the Ranger
  • 4 Rows of pvs to Pioneer

Buycraft Ranks

  • 2 Rows of pvs to Gatherer
  • 4 Rows of pvs to Camper
  • 6 Rows of pvs to Scavenger
  • 4 Rows and 2 pvs to Hunter
  • 5 Rows and 2 pvs to Alpha

Gkits added to the shop

  • Grinder kit - $15
  • Hulk GKIT - $10
  • Relic GKIT - $8...

Announcement Welcome to our website!

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Greetings BiteForce Community!
Welcome to the official website of BiteForceMC! We are so happy to have a website to communicate with the community on a much larger scale. This website opens up tons of opportunities for us to work with the community. We highly recommend creating an account to have the ability to comment on posts and interact with our staff team! We will also be doing some Forums exclusive giveaways that require you to have a forums account.

What we have to offer!
The Management Team here at BiteForce, have been working hard to setup the website and get it ready for you all. Our website is going to be the hub to our network linking the in-game aspect and the discord together. On our website you are going to find the official places for:

  • Server-wide Announcements
  • Changelog
  • Rules and Information
  • Events
  • Community Polls
  • In-game Recruitment
  • Introductions
  • Suggestions
  • Bug Reports
  • Staff Applications...

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